MembersUnveiling Messianic Judaism, Part 3

The truth must be told, even at the risk of hurting the Messianic cause.

By Ori ben Gvir |
Messianic Jews and Christians
Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

You will have to excuse me for concealing my identity. I know from experience that people tend to confuse the messenger and the message. If they happen not to like the messenger, they won’t even listen to the message. And knowing the Messianic community, it’s likely that revealing my real name would cause some of them to react in a negative way. So, while Ori’s personal testimony might be fiction, it certainly is not fantasy. As they say in Hollywood, the following is based on a true story.

I am a sabra (in his late-60s), which means a rough, native-born Israeli who speaks his mind without inhibition. We call it speaking dugree, or not beating about the bush. There was a time that my generation saw this as an admirable trait. But, as the years went by, I realized that this is now the mark of the uncultured, those who...

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