MembersUnveiling Messianic Judaism

Christians are enamored by Messianic Judaism.

By Ori ben Gvir | | Topics: BEHIND THE SCENES
Messianic Judaism
Photo: Yaniv Nadav/Flash90

They perceive the Messianic Jewish movement as a divine phenomenon that belongs to the Last Days, a testimony to a faithful God who has never forsaken His people. For many Christians, the presence of Messianic Jews constitutes undeniable evidence that Jesus Christ is real and very much alive. Jews, on the other hand, see Messianic Judaism differently. Most of them still think that Jesus, even when viewed positively, is incompatible with Judaism. They also think that no matter how hard Messianic Jews try to convince the Jewish community that they are genuinely Jewish, Messianic Judaism was, and still is, essentially a Christian sect. Whether or not this is true is discussed in my upcoming book.

To get just a little taste, let’s consider the term “Messianic Judaism.” It suggests at least the possibility that Messianic Jews see themselves both as Christians, which is what “Messianic” really means, and Jews. This is an interesting choice of...

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