WATCH: American Supertanker in Action Near Jerusalem

Fires have destroyed over 30,000 acres of forest, burned more than 600 homes and forced 75,000 to evacuate

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Twenty-nine aircraft are currently taking part in the battle against fires raging across Israel, among them the US 747 Supertanker.

The Supertanker was spotted over the weekend helping to contain a fire that destroyed part of the Jerusalem-area village of Nataf.

Thousands of exhausted firefighters continue to battle blazes, which now number over 600 in the past week.

The northern port city of Haifa and the Jerusalem corridor have been hardest hit. Hundreds of homes have burned, and over 75,000 have been evacuated, many of them with nothing to return to.

The fires have so far consumed 32,000 acres of forest, 30 percent more than the disastrous Carmel Forest fire of 2010.

We are calling on our faithful readers at this critical time to help us restore Israel’s woodlands.

Amidst this tragedy, join us in truly lifting Israel up and planting the land.

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