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Israel Today has been under heavy cyber-attack since the Gaza war started, but we are still here for you!

By Israel Today Staff |
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Dear readers,

We want to thank you for standing with Israel in these difficult days. Not only are our people under assault from rockets and riots, but pro-Israel Zionist media like Israel Today are being attacked as well.

That’s why you might have noticed over the past few days that our site is running slower than usual and is even unreachable at times. This is what happens when Israel is at war. Our enemies try to attack Israel Today and anyone who stands with our people!

Our tech team is working day and night in this battle against those trying to stop us from putting out the real news about what’s happening on the ground here and to make sure the world knows the truth. We have also made all our Members Content free in the meantime as part of our efforts to “report the news that others omit.”

You can help by signing up for our free daily newsletter and forwarding it on to family and friend, and by joining our efforts on social media:


Thank you, our dear readers, for standing with Israel in this hour of trial and your support for Israel Today.

Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Your Israel Today staff


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