What is love? A selfie under fire

“I said when we die, the world should see that we loved each other to the end.” Not Romeo and Juliet, but Amit and Nir fleeing the massacre.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Hamas
Instagram screenshot.

Amit and her boyfriend Nir managed to hide in a bush when Hamas terrorists attacked the Nova music festival and slaughtered the young people in droves. Amit wrote the following lines on Instagram, which we translated for you.


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A post shared by Ivgeni Zarubinski (@ivgiz)

My beloved….

It’s still impossible to summarize what we went through there without Ziv, and as long as he’s not home, nothing is over. But we witnessed a miracle.

It started with rockets, it was stressful, but I still managed to convince myself that there was a chance it wouldn’t hit me and everything would probably be fine. We tried to drive until everything was blocked, everyone wanted to run away. So we waited for a moment until it calmed down, but then people started running and shouting that there were terrorists.

We fled like sheep from the slaughter, we ran into the fields and you just drag me by the hand with you.

We hear the bullets whizzing near us and people begin falling over, and the terrorists who are after us are circling all around us on motorcycles, trying to murder us. When I tell you that I have no strength, you tell me that there is no choice and that we have to keep running.

I’m trying to hitchhike, but you say running is the safest way. We didn’t stop running until you and I separated from Ziv and we both hid in the bushes. The shots passed over us, I never knew the sound of gunfire before. The terrorists walk past us and shoot wherever they can and we do everything not to move, to remain silent.

You suddenly decided to take a selfie, I got angry, I didn’t understand now what the connection was, but I said that at least in the event of our death, our family will have a memory that we loved each other until the last moment.

You protected me with your body and I think of all the other couples with a different ending than ours. What we saw there is beyond comprehension. It is impossible to digest what we have experienced. We just keep praying that Ziv returns home to us.


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