MembersWhat To Do With Conspiracies Theories?

In these days of nonstop media spinning knots to entrap us, let us beware lest we learn their ways and fall into a snare ourselves

Saul casts his javelin at David. Photo: Public Domain

Just the sheer number of conspiracy theories flooding the earth like a pandemic these days is troubling. For those who understand history and read the Bible, it is not surprising. It is a phenomenon dating back to Satan’s lies in Eden and has been used throughout history to deceive, manipulate, start wars, destroy enemies and elect presidents.

What is surprising is the extent and speed by which social, mainstream and alternative mediums are able to reach the masses. Still, these are the same old tricks that still work if we are not wise to them. The Bible is full of conspiracy theories that have brought down kings, divided nations and melted the hearts of brave men and women. Lessons can be learned to gain insights for coping with the massive amounts of fake and conspiratorial news cast at us daily.


Nothing new, but still dangerous

Remember how David’s son Absalom concocted a story that the king was not interested in listening to the people and that only he, Absalom, would be a fair and merciful judge...

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