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MembersWhen “Believers” Can’t Be Believed

I was brought up to think that “believers,” be they Jewish or Christian, were more credible. But then reality caught up to me

Rabbi Eliezer Berland hides behind a prayer shawl at court in Jerusalem while on trial for sexual assault. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

I was brought up to think that believers are always a wonderful example to those around them. Of course, this thought has changed for me over the years, because I have eyes and ears that see and hear.

The concept I grew up with, while pleasant, often has little in common with reality. And yet I never could fully shake the notion that believers are somehow more credible, or “better” than society around them. That’s how I was raised. I'm not saying that out of criticism, but out of love and experience, because all parents only want the best for their children. I see this among the Jewish people, Messianic believers and Christians alike. Parents educate their children according to their faith and worldview. This is normal and always will be. I am also a father and raised my own children.

But anyone who has been brought up to believe that believers are more believable will always be disappointed when the sins of "believing people" come to light, be they a devout Jew or a devout Christian. It...

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