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When Points of the Compass Reveal Political Direction

Each person goes his own way, has his own direction.


The same can also be said of any nation, including Israel. As direction indicates goals in our lives, so, too, do points of the compass indicate objectives. North, south, east and west – we need to be able to navigate and have a sense of orientation in order to actually reach our goal, whether it is in life, in nature or in politics.

From history we discover that the main points of the compass stand for thoughts, for ideas. Whereas nowadays we orientate ourselves by the North Pole, in biblical times the defining direction was toward the east, for that is from where the sun rises. Kedma (קדמה) is the word used in the Hebrew Bible text to signify the east, though it literally translates as “at the front.” The rising of the sun brings a new day, symbolizes beginnings and hope. Light displaces darkness. The sunrise, the east, determined direction.

In Isaiah 9:12 it is written that “the Arameans [Syrians] on the east [at the front, or Kedma] and the Philistines on the west [from behind, or Achor] … devour Israel…