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Why Annexation Stalled

After so much initial hype about applying Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, what happened?


After one year and three elections, Israel finally managed to stitch together a not-so-unity government during a pandemic and the ongoing economic collapse following in its wake.

Soon afterwards, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu together with Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz, presented plans to annex portions of the Jordan Valley, an area considered essential to Israel’s security by right-wing, and many left-wing proponents. The plan was supposed to be implemented starting on July 1.

Already back in January of this year, the Trump Administration unveiled a peace plan developed by the US and Netanyahu governments after Palestinian leaders refused to participate in the talks. Into this vacuum, Netanyahu seized on an opportunity to move ahead with unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley. And it looked like the prime minister was going to be able to do it, until he didn’t.

With so many other things to deal with, the US is now hesitating. The pandemic, an impending economic recession, social unrest and unpredictable upcoming elections, seem to have taken the…