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MembersWhy Do People Wait Until It’s Too Late?

The photos and videos from Afghanistan are the talk of the day in Israel. They arouse questions and fears.

| Topics: Afghanistan, Taliban
Afghan refugees try to pour into the airport in Kabul as American soldiers hold the line before departing the country. Photo: AKHTER GULFAM/EPA-EFE

People usually only realize that waiting around was the wrong decision after it’s already too late. This was demonstrated once again by the images of the past few days showing people desperately clinging to planes in order to escape the Taliban’s reign of terror.

It took the Taliban only 10 days to conquer Afghanistan. If you consider that the Americans invested around one trillion US dollars in Afghanistan over the past 20 years and trained the army there with the latest technology, one can easily come to the conclusion that Islamic fanaticism and ideology are stronger than American money.

And this begs the question: Why did many Afghans not flee earlier? Didn’t they notice the events transpiring around them, didn’t they see how quickly the jihadists were advancing on the capital of Kabul? Did the Afghans really believe that the Afghan army would ultimately repel the Taliban? Many local soldiers saved themselves by fleeing to Uzbekistan across the Amu Darya River. They abandoned their people.

Not everyone is moved by signs. Instinct is part of human nature. Seeing...

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