MembersWill Heroes Solve the Conflict?

After a Palestinian blogger launched his “Captain Palestine” superhero to “liberate the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation,” Srulik, a famous cartoon character created in 1956 by artist Kariel Gardosh, was transformed recently into “Zionman.”

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Screenshot

Do you know Srulik? Gardosh, known commonly by his pen name Dosh, wanted to create a character that would symbolize the then-nascent State of Israel. The Americans had their Uncle Sam, and the Russians their intimidating Russian Bear. For decades, Srulik, with his characteristic khaki shorts, biblical sandals and tembel hat, served this role for Israelis.

Over the years, Srulik evolved. The once-naive little boy became a more skeptical young man. But Dosh never allowed Srulik to reach adulthood. In the cartoonist’s view, the innocence of adolescence best symbolized Israel’s quest to become a successful and just modern state. But with this latest online adaptation made by fans of the character, Srulik has grown up to become “Zionman,” the answer to the threat...

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