Women with Guns IDF

Women with Guns

Women have always been willing to risk their lives for the sake of Zion and have figured prominently in the struggle to establish and preserve a state for the Jewish people.


Right alongside former generals like Yigal Allon and Ariel Sharon, heroic women have played important roles in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), but their stories have remained largely untold.

The idea of sending girls into battle is uncomfortable for many, except here in Israel. Women carrying guns, serving in combat units, or being appointed to the highest echelons of military service is part and parcel of everyday life in the Land.

“Today in 2016, the women of Israel are still fighting for this land with exceptional bravery and a willingness to face mortal danger even more than in the past,” writes Professor Meir Hazan in a new book that uncovers the story of Women and Guns in the Land of Israel. Hazan provides an inside look at how Jewish mothers and daughters played crucial roles in the wars for Israel’s statehood and survival.

 From the early 1900s with the return of the Jews to...


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