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Whenever groups visit our Jerusalem editorial offices, at the beginning of the lecture I ask who is in Israel for the first time.

Photo: Oren Fixler/Flash90

Most raise their hands. Everyone agrees that Israel looks quite different in person than what they’ve seen on television. “Israel is more beautiful and safer than what we see on the news,” they constantly tell me, regardless of whether the group comes from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England or any other country.

Personal experience is always necessary to bring imagination and reality into sync. Only by being here can you truly witness the controversial Canaan and its inhabitants unfiltered. You breathe the air right where biblical story took place, continues to take place. You meet people who, quite unlike how they are portrayed abroad, are not monsters at all. You are confronted with completely new smells and impressions in the lively markets, and wonder at how modern the young State of...

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