“You were supposed to bury me, not the other way around”

Bereaved father brings entire nation of Israel to tears as he lays his only child to rest

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Terrorism
Photo: TPS

There is nothing more tragic than for a parent to have to bury his or her child. On Tuesday evening, Baruch Ben Yigal brought the nation of Israel to tears as he laid to rest his only child, killed a day earlier by Palestinian terrorists.


Stones kill

Late Monday night, Sergeant Major Amit Ben Yigal was part of an IDF team sent to arrest four terror suspects in the northern Samaria town of Yabad. As the Israelis were heading out of town after completing their mission, someone hurled a large stone from the top of a building, hitting Ben Yigal directly on the head.

Palestinian stone throwers are often presented by the mainstream media as quasi-peaceful protestors, or kids just blowing off steam amid the immense pressure of living under “occupation.”

But this is not the first time Palestinian stones have taken Israeli lives.


An only child

With the ongoing coronavirus crisis keeping most people confined to their houses, Israel had almost forgotten what it was like suffer terror casualties.

Ben Yigal’s tragic death ripped everyone out of their slumber.

For Baruch Ben Yigal, the pain was unbearable, and he wondered if he would ever truly wake again.

“You were supposed to bury me, not the other way around. Father in heaven, give me a reason to wake up tomorrow morning,” he wailed at his son’s funeral.

Given that Ben Yigal was an only child (at least of his father; his parents had divorced and his mother had several daughters from her second marriage), he required special permission to serve in an IDF combat unit.

“I signed the permit with this hand,” cried Baruch. “You told me, ‘Dad, don’t deny me this.’ So I signed it and you rejoiced as if you’ve just won the lottery.”

It is for this very reason that the Israeli army is very reluctant to send someone’s only child into combat. But a great many like Amit Ben Yigal accept the risk and insist on standing on the frontlines for Israel’s sake.

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