MembersZionism in Modern Israel is in Peril

73 years after independence, Israel is secure and strong, and the idea of a Jewish state is increasingly taken for granted

By Jason Silverman | | Topics: Zionism
Few Israelis want to continue in the pioneering ways of their forefathers, and are as a result abandoning old Zionist values. Photo: Flash90

The establishment of the State of Israel 73 years ago on May 14, 1948, did not intend to birth into the world another state like all other states. Instead, the Zionist Movement toiled for five decades to rebuild a homeland for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

An independent Jewish state was seen as the solution to the historic problem of antisemitism; the only place in the world where Jews have their own country and self-defense.


“Without agriculture, there is no Zionism”

Zionism was also the idea of the sanctification of Jewish labor in the cultivation of the Land. Agriculture renewed the Jewish attachment to the biblical lands and Israeli farmers were seen as the epitome of Zionism.

The special attachment to the Land was a mutually shared value of both religious and secular Zionists alike. For secular Zionists, it was part of an exhilarating and necessary process of renewing Jewish peoplehood in its historic homeland.

For many religious Zionists, it was all of this and much more. In their eyes, Jewish cultivation of the Land was also...

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