Church and Synagogue, long estranged, are again coming together.
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Healing the Church and Synagogue

Long estranged due to hateful Church dogma, Christians and Jews are again coming together

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Israeli children today learn Hebrew, but it could just have easily been French or English.
Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Battle for Hebrew

Did you know that Hebrew was actually not the first choice of national language for many returning Jews?

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In Israel family is the foundation for everything.
Jewish World

Secrets of the Jewish Family

The Christian West can learn something from Israel when it comes to “focus on the family”

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The Bible is a treasure trove of family wisdom.
Chen Leopold/Flash90

My Kids are Slaves

The Hebrew Bible has some VERY interesting things to say about a child’s position and role in the family

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Messianic Jews are growing in strength and numbers every day.
David Lazarus

Messianic Jews in the World Today

In Part 5 in our look at “The Mystery of the Olive Tree” we consider how Messianic Jews grew into the movement we see today

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Hawaiian Christian warrior fights for Israel.
Nadav Zadok Yair

Exclusive: Jesus Ninja Fights for Israel

The fascinating story of how a devoted follower of Jesus and martial arts expert from a tiny island in the South Pacific is training the armies of Israel.

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Rabbis find Jesus.
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Four Rabbis Find Yeshua (Jesus)

In Part 4 in our look at “The Mystery of the Olive Tree” we learn how the Messianic Jewish church began.

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