Members9-Years-Old & Transgender: The New Israeli Normal

Why allowing the new normal to become Israel’s normal presents an existential threat to the Jewish state

By Tsvi Sadan | | Topics: LGBT
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The murder of George Floyd that resulted in the present mayhem in the US was exploited by Barak Obama to further advance a radical agenda that seeks to coerce people into accepting a “new normal” that will lift up the nation to “its highest ideals.”

This new normal means not only the eradication of racism. It means the eradication of all forms of “bigotry and unequal treatment” and all forms of sexism. This “clean” language hides a much broader agenda that also includes turning upside down the “old normal,” which among other things spoke about sexes instead of gender, of human beings instead of species. And it looks as if that normal, which from the dawn of history has preserved human societies from extinction, will soon become illegal.


Exercising privilege

The new normal is not an American, but a Western thing. This means, and don’t miss the irony here, that it comes from the very civilization now seen as unfairly “privileged,” and therefore responsible for every ailment of society one can imagine.

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