A Christmas Tree for the Devil

Palestinian officials continue to abuse Christmas to spread lies and hate, rather than truth and hope

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Earlier this month, the annual Christmas tree was adorned once again in Bethlehem as Palestinians gathered under the starlit pine in Manger Square, a reminder of the peace and light that Jesus brought to the world.

What a wonderful time to celebrate the goodness and hope that we have in Jesus Christ, especially in that marvelous Little Town of Bethlehem, lying so still under the starry winter night. 

Let’s listen to the speaker, as he stands before the manger and addresses those gathered in honor of the birth of the Little Boy Jesus, circumcised the 8th day by his Israeli Jewish parents, asleep in the hay.

“From the land of Palestine, which has long been home to the coexistence of human beings, religions and cultures, and their children taught the values ​​of tolerance embodied by Jesus, the messenger of love, we bring the message that, in Palestine, people yearn to live in freedom and peace, and that the time has come to unite the world, to lift the historical injustice done to them, and it is time for the implementation of UN resolutions on Palestine, and end the Israeli occupation.

“As in every year, Palestine is celebrating the glorious festivals, while it is reeling from the injustice of the Israeli occupation, and experiencing a serious Israeli escalation, with the intent of murder and torture, and holding the bodies of the martyrs (sic terrorists). [Palestine] is facing the worst deportation schemes and forced displacement, turning towns and villages and towns into ghetto, and the destruction of their houses and confiscation of their land and violation of holy places. [Israel] prevents worshipers, Christians and Muslims alike, to have access to their churches, mosques, and the practice of worship and religious beliefs.

“As we light the holiday Christmas tree, we remind the world that the city of Bethlehem represents the story of the Palestinian (sic Jewish) people and their history and their struggle. Despite our wounds and general pain and suffering and tyranny we remain steadfast, and we are still vibrant with joy despite the walls and settlements which encircle us, and Israel is trying to stifle hope and to confiscate the necessities of life from us. We hope the valued guests here will be ambassadors of the truth, and to relay to their countries and their governments how much sorrow and injustice that they have seen, and how much resilience and hope the people of Palestine have…”

Wait just a minute! This is a celebration of the life of Jesus Christ? This is their way of bringing Glad Tidings proclaiming that Christ has come into the world? By spreading lies and stirring up more anger and hatred towards Israel and using a celebration of the most precious and pure light that will ever come into the world to spread deceitful rumors and call the Jewish people evil? 

And who is this messenger and Bearer of Sad Tidings? Why it is Rami Hamdallah, Palestinian Prime Minister, and known collaborator with PLO terrorists. His pronouncements confirming once again, for Palestinians, that they have no responsibilities and Israel is evil.

O, little town of Bethlehem, how still we see you lie.


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