MembersA Left-wing Witch Hunt Against Netanyahu?

Is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being unfairly hounded?

By Aviel Schneider |

It depends on whom you ask. His Likud voters insist that Netanyahu is being persecuted by the left-wing elite. Netanyahu is even talking about an attempted coup. But his opponents maintain that the prime minister is corrupt, pointing to the numerous ongoing investigations against him.

Astrong 65 percent majority of Israeli voters lean right-of-center. And the media is constantly headlining investigations against the right-wing government, in particular Netanyahu, who is currently accused of accepting illicit gifts and even bribes from businessmen. Fed up, Netanyahu, taking a page from US President Donald Trump’s book, shot back: “The media want to bring us down and destroy Israel’s democracy. But they will not find anything, as there is nothing to find. They are spreading fake news in order to take down my government.”

Countering the charges against him, Netanyahu went on to list his achievements: “Today we have one of the most advanced and stable countries in the world. In any democracy, there will be differences of opinion, that is perfectly legitimate. Our security strategies guarantee calm, Israel’s economy is growing.” No...

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