MembersA Muslim Nation is Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism

“Whoever is an enemy of Azerbaijan is an enemy of Israel and whoever is an enemy of Israel is an enemy of Azerbaijan”

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Antisemitism, Azerbaijan
Jewish leaders in Azerbaijan say that in this small Shiite Muslim nation, they know no antisemitism. Photo: Rachel Avraham

“The main problem in the world today is terrorism and antisemitism, and we must defeat them. That is the main problem for all Jewish communities worldwide. It does not matter where you are,” Melikh Yevdayev, chairman of the Jewish Community in Baku, Azerbaijan, a Shi’ite Muslim nation on Iran’s northern border, said in a recent interview with Israel Today.


Antisemitism, the problem with the world

In recent days, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in the National Canadian Summit on Antisemitism that the phenomenon “isn’t a problem for the Jewish community to solve alone. It’s up to everyone to take on this challenge.” Trudeau made this statement after B’nei Brith reported 2,610 antisemitic incidents in Canada in 2020. Some 44% of these incidents were COVID-19 related, with Jews getting spat on and otherwise targeted due to antisemitic conspiracy theories related to the pandemic.

During this month alone in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League reported: a Chabad rabbi was stabbed in Massachusetts, a...

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