MembersA New Middle East is Truly Emerging

And the only losers are a corrupt Palestinian leadership clinging to the failed policies of the past

| Topics: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is embracing a new Middle East, and leaving the Palestinians behind.
Photo: EPA/STR

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, has released a disparaging interview bashing the behavior of the Palestinian leadership. The exclusive interview, broadcasted by the Saudi-owned television news channel Al Arabiya, came in three parts and was addressed directly to the people of Saudi Arabia. Each 30-minute segment of the former ambassador’s interview touched on a different aspect of Saudi relations with the Palestinian leadership and its national cause, from 1939 to the Camp David Accords in 2000.

The first segment opens with a harsh criticism directed at current Palestinian leaders following their own verbal attacks against the Gulf monarchy, which the Palestinians accuse of committing treason against the Arab world in general, and against the Palestinian cause in particular, over Riyadh’s support for recent normalization deals with Israel. Referring to the accusations as a “transgression against the Gulf leadership,” bin Sultan explains that the Saudi people must hear about the decades-long unwavering support Saudi Arabia dedicated to the Palestinian cause. He adds that Saudi citizens must know the truth and not be fooled...

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