All Blessings are Mediated Through Israel Abir Sultan /Flash90

All Blessings are Mediated Through Israel

In Part 2 of our look at “The Mystery of the Olive Tree,” we examine the relationship between Israel, the Church and Messianic Jews

In this series we will publish extracts from a new book by Johannes Fichtenbauer, an Austrian Archdeacon and part of the Charismatic Renewal of the Catholic Church. The Jewish Remnant Thanks to Paul’s explanation that salvation was ‘first to the Jew, then to the Gentile’ (Romans 1:16), some Apostles began to recognize that the atonement of the Messiah was not just for the Jewish people. They had seen some of the Gentiles thirsting for God much more than many Jews did. …We find many passages referring to this debate among the Jewish disciples of Jesus (Acts 15:1-35; Phi 3:1-4; Gal.…