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Was the leader of the Joint Arab List punished by God for his provocation?

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Ayman Odeh and his Joint Arab List colleagues have made a career of bashing Israel, while doing little, if anything to actually serve their constituency. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Arab Knesset members in Israel enjoy Israeli democracy and all the benefits of living in one of the greatest nations on earth. And yet, we must constantly be aware of the fact that they are not loyal to the state, or even to the constituencies they are supposed to represent.

These Knesset members have no affiliation with the Hebrew state at all and are not afraid to say so, nor do some of them care about their own people. A typical example is that just a few days before the breakout of war in Gaza with Hamas (Operation Guardian of the Walls), MK Ayman Odeh (head of the Joint Arab List) spoke about the so-called Israeli “occupation” of Jerusalem and hoped that the flag of the Palestinians would be flying over the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the city’s historical churches.

The obsessive preoccupation with the Palestinian issue by Arab Knesset members led to a total crash of the Joint List from 15 seats to just six in the current Knesset and a schism opened between Israel’s Arab politicians....

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