Arab League rejects Palestinian demands. EPA-EFE/KHALED ELFIQI
Middle East

Arab League Versus the Palestinian Authority

The era of automatic compliance with the Palestinian agenda is over. The Arabs have chosen peace over conflict


The warming of relations with the Gulf countries is a significant achievement for Israel, and for those countries as well. Israel is now forming official relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain – politically, culturally and economically.

The rapprochement indicates that the Gulf states are interested in peace, as well as alignment with Trump’s policies against Iran and regarding the Palestinian issue.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders, for their part, are trying hard to sabotage this normalization of relations. After leveling accusations of treason and defamation, the Palestinians decided to turn to the Arab League, to appeal the agreement with the Emirates, requesting that it be nullified, or at least condemned.

The doctrine of the Palestinian Authority since the days of Madrid and Oslo (~1993-1995) has been based on an accepted understanding among Arab states that relations with the State of Israel would not be normalized before the Palestinian Authority announced an end to the conflict. The...


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