MembersAre Arab Christians Mistreated by Israel?

For Christians abroad the treatment of their brethren in the Holy Land has become an important topic of debate

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Arab Christians
Photo: Shadi Khalbul

Do the Jewish authorities, like so many of the Muslim regimes round about, mistreat and oppress local Christians? Some say “Yes” while others say the opposite, insisting that the Jewish State of Israel is the only safe haven for Christians in this region.

As an example, Dr. Munthar Isaac of Bethlehem Bible College published an article on the website of the organization Kairos Palestine in which he invoked Yeshua’s words, “Blessed are the meek” (Matthew 5:5); but he spent much of the piece complaining that the Palestinian national agenda receives so little backing. Isaac concluded that Zionist Christians are extremists who are harming Palestinian Christians by supporting a cruel and racist Israeli government. “Christian Zionism is an imperial theology,” he charged.

While Isaac focused on Zionist Christian theology, he actually cited two Israeli Messianic Jews—Joel Rosenberg and Daniel Juster—who in the past have taken Palestinian Christians to task for rejecting the prophetic nature of modern Israel’s rebirth.


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