Are Europeans taking up arms against Muslim minorities?

British hooligans and right-wing groups are descending on London on Saturday to crack down on pro-Hamas protesters.

By Michael Selutin | | Topics: Islam
Will English hooligans take on Hamas? Shutterstock
Will English hooligans take on Hamas? Shutterstock

October 7, 2023 could also be a fateful date for Western countries where millions of violent Muslims live. The pro-Hamas demonstrations in major cities in Europe and North America have shown citizens that the Muslims living in their midst may not be a cultural asset after all.

Politicians react to this change in their voters’ attitudes with threatening words, but no one knows whether they mean it. In Britain, some nationalist groups are taking the law into their own hands and opposing Muslim and progressive protesters.

Far-right groups, from football hooligans to so-called “migrant hunters,” are trying to mobilize supporters to turn out against the pro-Palestine march on “Armistice Day” in central London. World War I soldiers will be remembered in Britain on Saturday and there are fears that the pro-Hamas demonstration planned that day will desecrate memorials and the honor of the fallen.

No respect for England. Photo Flash90

One of the hooligan groups called for people to come to London because “the far left and pro-Palestinian supporters want to disrupt the Remembrance Day parade.” They call on “all football fans in the country to join us and stand shoulder to shoulder with our soldiers who fought for our freedom.”

Police officers from across England are expected to arrive in London to support local security forces. Buses carrying violent hooligans from across the country are due to arrive in London. While some of the hooligans’ social media posts called for people not to bring weapons, these calls only underscore that violence is planned.

Saturday will be a nightmare for the English police, as the pro-Hamas demonstrations alone are already difficult to control. Will she be able to keep two violent groups apart?

Many European citizens do not want violence in their cities, but sometimes sympathize with the nationalists, who seem to be the only ones who want to defend their country from the Islamic mob.

We in Israel are watching this development with great interest because Europe’s open immigration policy seems suicidal to us. Many Israelis are wondering whether Europe will wake up from its pacifist slumber and rise up against hostile immigration, or continue to drive full throttle into the wall.


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One response to “Are Europeans taking up arms against Muslim minorities?”

  1. psalm100al says:

    I think the term ‘Violent British hooligans’ is a misapplication in this context considering they just want to stop the Violent Hamas supporters from desecrating the British Remembrance Day march. The social media requests not to bring weapons doesn’t underscore that violence is planned because they undoubtedly do not want any violent incursions, but that they know that violence breeds violence. Hamas and its supporters don’t need a reason to be violent as we have so sadly seen recently.

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