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MembersAre You Too Among the Prophets?

Before questioning the prophecies of others, one should first ask if they are among the prophets

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Israel's rebirth is probably the most dramatic fulfillment of prophecy ever seen. Either one accepts the establishment of the State of Israel as fulfillment of the biblical prophets, or one sees it as a political and historical coincidence.

The visionary Theodor Herzl also foresaw an imminent Jewish state 50 years before its establishment. So prophecies come true. But still, one must be careful, because prophecy is not child's play. There was already disagreement about this in the Bible, not just in our generation.

Who is able to prophesy? The Bible gives clear guidelines in Deuteronomy (18) as to whether one can be considered a prophet or not. "If a prophet in the name of the Lord announces something that does not occur, then his words were not from the Lord." The people of King Saul's time had access to the Torah and knew these guidelines. But even then, prophecy and prophets were controversial were matters of controversy over which the people often stumbled.

People often write and tell me their prophecies for the world, for...

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