MembersAviram Zeevy: Facing the Anarchists

Aviram Zeevy became known through his activism in the grassroots movement Ad Kan! which loosely translated means, “Enough Is Enough.”

By Tsvi Sadan |

Politically, Zeevy identifies himself as center-right, though he’s not particularly interested in politics. A former member of Israel’s intelligence services, Zeevy today runs a private security firm.


His involvement with Ad Kan! began following the 2014 Gaza war, when he watched in disbelief as left-wing demonstrators blamed Israel for the conflict and accused young soldiers of war crimes. For the past three-and-a-half years, Ad Kan! has been conducting undercover investigations to expose left-wing groups posing as human rights organizations, but whose real aim is to sow anarchy, encourage conflict and vilify Israel. These NGOs even resort to criminal activity and have become a source of great concern for many Israelis.


Ad Kan’s first investigation aired on Channel 2 News last year, exposing the flow of money to anarchists who pay Palestinians to engage in violent demonstrations against Israeli troops. The group’s second and third investigations showed how the liberal NGO Breaking the Silence,...

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