Back to Sinai!

Israelis can’t get enough of that harsh landscape at the center of their ancestors’ Exodus from Egypt

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Sinai

It’s a bit ironic, really. The Sinai was a harsh, inhospitable land that the ancient Israelites had to cross as they fled Egypt. No doubt, they couldn’t wait to leave the desert peninsula. Nowadays, their modern descendants, the Jews of the State of Israel, can’t get enough of it.

Corona restrictions kept most Israelis from traveling abroad, even to Sinai, over the past two years. But with more and more restrictions being lifted, it is now again possible to cross the border at Eilat and enter that fabled biblical wilderness.

We hope you enjoy this collection of recent photographs of Israelis seeking a bit of respite from the business of modern life in the quiet vastness of Sinai.

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