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MembersBibi’s Opponents and God’s Advocates Do the Same Thing

Some are protesting against Netanyahu, others to keep the Jewish tradition. Are either of them justified?

Israelis attend a protest against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the nationwide lockdown, on Denia square in Jerusalem on October 01, 2020. Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

In Israel, just like most modern democracies, everyone demands their rights. Bibi’s opponents and God’s advocates both insist they have rights and are therefore justified in breaking the rules, with or without coronavirus.

Secular protesters want to get rid of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while religious Jews are unwilling to forego their traditions and Jewish liturgy during the High Holidays. No matter how dangerous the risk of infection from the coronavirus may be, both sides believe they are doing the right thing and are justified in ignoring government regulations that could be endangering the entire nation. Some follow their ideology, others follow God. At least that’s what they tell themselves. Consideration for one’s neighbor doesn’t seem to matter on either side.

In the midst of spikes in Corona across the country, thousands of Israelis continue to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Jerusalem’s Balfour Street every Saturday evening as soon as Shabbat ends. It was assumed that the protests against Bibi would die...

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