Captured terrorist: All Gaza hospitals used by Hamas, Islamic Jihad

The Islamic Jihad spokesperson explained how Gaza terror groups manipulate the media.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza
Screenshot of interrogation of Islamic Jihad spokesperson Tariq Salami Otha Abu Shoulf. Source X/IDF.
Screenshot of interrogation of Islamic Jihad spokesperson Tariq Salami Otha Abu Shoulf. Source X/IDF.

A Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesperson captured by Israeli forces in Gaza admitted to interrogators that Islamic Jihad and Hamas use all of the hospitals in the enclave.

The video was brought to light by IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. (res.) Peter Lerner, who posted the questioning of Tariq Salami Otha Abu Shoulf to his X account on Monday.

During the eight-minute interrogation, Abu Shoulf explains how terrorist groups in Gaza manipulate international media for propaganda purposes against Israel.

In addition to exploiting Gaza hospitals for terror operations, the Islamic Jihad spokesperson explains how terrorists use ambulances to move around in the Strip.

He details how they push a false narrative to journalists, using the failed Islamic Jihad rocket that hit the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City in October that they knew was theirs but blamed Israel for.

“In order to erase this story, the organization made several moves, it fabricated a story that the rocket belonged to ‘the occupation,’ and that the target was the building (hospital),” he says.

He also details how the terrorist groups diverted attention from the high cost of living in Gaza due to their failed leadership and diversion of resources to terrorism.

The foreign media focuses on humanitarian issues, so the terror groups don’t discuss violence, destruction and revenge, he explains.

“For instance, you’d say, ‘It’s our right to live,’ ‘We want the situation to return to normal, and our children to live like other children in the world.’ This is the humanitarian side.”

Journalists, he said, want to maintain contacts with terror officials and so will write what the terror officials tell them, even if they know it isn’t true, as in the case of the Al Ahli hospital incident.

“As a spokesperson this is shocking stuff. It’s mass manipulation on an entire different level,” wrote Lerner.

“The world media accepts what Hamas and Islamic Jihad say as the gospel, they do not understand that they are an integral part of the terrorists’ offensive battle plan. Hamas uses the world media as their Iron Dome, to prevent Israel from fulfilling our goals by manipulating [the] minds of decent people,” he said.

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