Cyber War: Israelis Expose #OpIsrael Hackers

Israeli counter-hackers again manage to unmask the ‘Anonymous’ activists attacking Israel’s computers

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: YouTube screenshot

The annual #OpIsrael assault by the hacker group Anonymous was likely responsible for the recent shutdown of Israel Today’s website. A tweet by Israeli Elite Force, a private Israeli hacker group that is fighting back, noted yesterday that “‘Anons’ got exposed by @Buddhax private hackersclub.”

The Facebook page for Madsec Security LTD further clarified that the “Israeli Elite Force group managed to steal sensitive information and screenshots of some Anonymous operators who participated on #‎OpIsrael operation against Israel earlier this month. According to the tweet, some Anonymous hackers fell into [Buddhax’s] ‘trap’ as part of the attack against Israel on this day. Inside the PDF file, we find live screenshots from their personal webcams, desktop screenshots, sensitive information related to terrorism (ISIS, Syria) and even usernames and passwords to personal and sensitive accounts.”

The Israeli hacker known as Buddhax was able to expose the faces, names and addresses of eight hackers who participated in the latest attack on Israeli websites. Specifically targeted by #OpIsrael were the websites of Yad Vashem – Israel’s Holocaust Museum, the Israeli Ministry of Education and Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

The eight #OpIsrael hackers are from Indonesia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Turkey and Lebanon. According to Mako portal, Buddhax claims that the Lebanese hacker is son of an official at Lebanon’s Institute of Middle East Studies. This hacker was using the family computer to which other family members were connected. Buddhax used this breach to hack the website of the Lebanese institute.

Already a year ago Israeli Elite Force released a YouTube video warning Anonymous of the outcome of their planned April 2016 cyber attack.

With Psalm 121 playing in the background, a synthetic voice tells the Anonymous branch group “Anonghost”:

“One year ago [2013] you have declared war by starting the first OpIsrael. An operation that has failed miserably. Not only did you lie to your own followers about the outcome of the operation, but you have also made yourself an enemy which you cannot defeat. One year ago we took down your own website and the main site of OpIsrael. One year ago you have lost in a war that you yourself started. One year ago we have won … we are the Israeli Elite Force, and thou shall not mess with the best.”


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