Effective Jewish Group Resumes Campaign to Expand Jerusalem

“If the Jews protect Jerusalem, Jerusalem protects the Jews.”

By Stan Goodenough | | Topics: Jerusalem
View of Route 1 highway from Ma'ale Adumim leading up to Jerusalem from the east Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

An Israeli NGO is calling on Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora to help safeguard Jerusalem as the exclusive and indivisible capital of Israel by transforming it into a metropolis.

The grassroots “Women for Israel’s Tomorrow” (aka Women in Green – WiG), established initially in 1993 to oppose the Oslo Accords, ten years ago helped birth the movement for extending Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

Since then, the Sovereignty Movement has successfully grown until today it is supported by the majority of Israel’s Jews, and is the main component of the political platforms of all Israel’s right-wing parties.

Encouraged by their most recent achievement, a campaign to prevent the opening of a US Consulate for the Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem, the WiG is now rallying support for the “Greater Jerusalem Initiative.”

This foresees the expansion of Jerusalem’s border to incorporate into the city the surrounding towns of Mevaseret Zion, Maale Adummim, the Etzion Bloc and some of the communities in the Benjamin region immediately to the north.

In a statement Monday, the WiG applauded those who had protested in Jerusalem, Washington and elsewhere, the consulate opening in Jerusalem. Were it established, they argued, the mission would effectively have reversed the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It would also have encouraged the Palestinian Arabs’ belief that they would eventually have Jerusalem as the capital of their sought after – but hitherto non-existent – State of Palestine.

The Biden administration has not, in fact, binned that plan. Officials in Washington insist that the consulate will yet open its doors.

Congratulations to the people of Israel and its leaders who halted the American initiative to establish a consulate for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, reads the WiG statement, warning that the struggle over the capital is far from over.

The enemy still views Jerusalem as an objective. It aims its poisoned arrows of terrorism first and foremost at it, it focuses the incitement against the Jewish people and the State of Israel around it, and it spearheads its efforts to erode Israeli sovereignty specifically with it.

This battle over the rightful national ownership of Jerusalem was the climax of the struggle between the Jewish people and its enemies.”

If the Jews protect Jerusalem, Jerusalem protects the Jews.

A “Greater Jerusalem Bill” was debated in the Knesset in 2017 but shelved in the face of an outpouring of opposition from, among others, the European Union and international bodies, like the World Council of Churches, whose 359 member churches routinely denounce Israel’s presence in its ancestral lands and support Palestinian Arabs claims.

While they voiced their awareness of the unlikelihood of the Bennett-Lapid government embracing such a move, the Women for Israel’s Tomorrow and the Sovereignty Movement supporters in Israel’s political establishment have announced their determination to keep the initiative alive and keep pushing it forward.

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