Enough is enough

The ‘day after’ the Gaza war is a NO BRAINER.

By Dr. Seth Guterman | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
The West is frustrated that Israel has presented no plan, no horizon for Gaza for the 'day after' the war against Hamas. Photo by Chaim Goldberg/Flash90
The West is frustrated that Israel has presented no plan, no horizon for Gaza for the 'day after' the war against Hamas. Photo by Chaim Goldberg/Flash90

We need only look back into recent history to see what will work and will not work, in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip — after the war and after 17 years of leadership from Hamas, which implemented a genocidal extremist Islamic ideology against Israeli civilians.

Obviously, the government policies toward the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip implemented by Israel, the USA, UK, EU, Middle Eastern and other countries — were a total failure. These failed policies led to a genocidal massacre, with over 1,200 dead and several thousand injured and/or permanently disabled, including innocent Israeli civilians and non-citizens. In addition, the Israeli war that necessarily followed, to protect our citizens from future genocidal massacres, has taken thousands of innocent Palestinians lives, and left many thousands more injured or permanently disabled. Furthermore, several hundred Israeli soldiers have died, with over 1,000 injured and/or disabled from the war in the Gaza Strip.

Enough is enough.

The Palestinians of Gaza need a reeducation. Photo by Ahmad Khateib/Flash90

In recent history, democratic countries (most notably the United States, England and France) successfully triumphed over war-mongering enemy government leaderships that held genocidal and imperialistic ideologies. Let’s take a look at those successes as a model to imitate in Gaza.

The Marshal Plan to de-nazify Germany and the Reconstruction Plan for Imperial Japan post-World War II hold many similarities with each other and keys to consider in Gaza.

  1. Total unconditional surrender. There was never a ceasefire between the USA/UK and Nazi Germany, or between America and Imperial Japan, which would have served only to delay the end of the war.
  2. Both countries had short term occupation by militaries from the United States, United Kingdom and other countries.
  3. Major success was achieved in a short amount of time (4-7 years) and then the occupations were disbanded or modified.
  4. Implemented and managed only by democratic countries and not totalitarian countries.

Below are the key elements of the Denazification of Germany and the Reconstruction Plan for Imperial Japan after World War II.

  1. Removal of Nazi officials and Japanese Imperial officials: High-ranking Nazi and Imperial officials were removed from their positions and often arrested. The Nuremberg Trials were the most notable prosecutions of major Nazi war criminals.
  2. Prohibition of Nazi and Imperialistic Organizations: The Nazi and Imperial political parties and associated organizations, were disbanded, and declared illegal.
  3. Censorship and education reform: Media, literature and educational materials were censored and reformed to eliminate Nazi and Imperialistic propaganda. This also involved re-educating the German and the Japanese populaces about democracy and the atrocities committed by the Nazi and Imperial regimes.
  4. Public trials for Denazification and removal of Imperial ideology: Apart from the Nuremberg Trials, smaller courts in Germany and Japan were established to try lesser war criminals and those who had been part of the Nazi or Japanese administrations.
  5. Restructuring the political system: A democratic political system was introduced, including new political parties free from Nazi and Imperialistic influences.
  6. Economic reforms: This included restructuring the German and Japanese economies to break up concentrations of industrial power that had supported the Nazi and Imperial Japanese regimes, and reorienting them towards peaceful industries.
  7. Cultural and artistic purge: Anything associated with Nazi or Japanese Imperialistic symbolisms, literature, art and music was banned and removed from public view.

Denazification and the removal of Japanese Imperialistic ideology was rigorously enforced after World War II by the Allied military forces.

Workers removing the signage from a former Adolf Hitler-Straße (today Steinbrückstraße) in Trier, May 12, 1945. Photo: US Army – public domain

In a short amount of time, the focus shifted from punishment to rebuilding and integration, leading to the eventual end or modification of the programs, four years in Germany and seven years in Japan. This democratic transformation from genocidal and imperialistic ideologies occurred despite the fact that up to four million civilians (babies, children, women, men and elderly) were killed during the carpet bombing raids in Germany and Japan (surgical military strikes did not exist at the time to reduce civilian deaths).

I do not accept the notion that the Israeli war in Gaza is creating thousands of new terrorists. History has proved that genocidal and imperialistic ideologies must be removed from society to create democratic countries that respect and implement humanitarian rights and laws for all people. Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority cannot provide governance unless it goes through the same transformation that Germany made with Denazification and Japan made with the removal of Imperialistic ideologies.

A street in the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah bearing the name of Hamas terrorist Yahya Ayyash. Photo by Issam Rimawi/Flash90

If that transformation is successful, then discussions on autonomy and self-rule by Palestinians in Gaza can occur while guaranteeing security for the citizens in the State of Israel.

In addition, Israel and other democratic countries can then turn their focus to the removal of the genocidal and extremist Islamic ideology and complete demilitarization to transform the West Bank into a democracy like post World War II Germany and Japan. These two countries are now great democracies, that coincidentally have unwavering support for the State of Israel.

It is also important to emphasize that democratic countries must provide the leadership for this reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, with only financial and advisory support from Muslim totalitarian countries.

Leaders with experiences in other sectors of the economy (business, healthcare, finance, education, etc) as well as experienced leaders with understanding of other countries’ military and political successes and failures, must weigh in on the debate and participate in the reconstruction of Palestinian society in the post-Gaza War period. This is especially important since Israel’s current and past governments created policies in Gaza that were a total failure for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Obviously, Israel must get the Palestinian situation in the Gaza Strip correct this time so another October 7th can never happen again.


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3 responses to “Enough is enough”

  1. David Nelson says:

    For one reason or another, every government if the workd hates Israel. The democrats in USA want to control Israel for the votes in the next election in November. Why does the UN think Israel who is fight demons in Gaza will do as they say? Is Russia stopping their fight against Ukraine. Countries have become pharoah, and they will not let Israel go. Many around the world, we are praying and stand with Israel even if our governments do not. Could any christ follower not be for Israel? We love the Lord and keep his commandments.

  2. Esther Wintringham says:

    I absolutely agree with this article and the sense that is conveyed in it. At last someone is brave enough to stand up and say what needs to be said. I agree that most countries seem to think that Israel can do it on its own when it is almost the smallest country in the world. In the Bible both Gaza and Judaea and Samaria were given to Israel as part of the Promised Land and I think both should be taken back under Israeli control and ruled by them. As I see it the only way to finally get rid of Hamas for good is for other countries to help Israel by doing what has been outlined above, I.e changing the government, removing all traces of militancy, changing the education of children in line with the world at large rather than filling the brains of babies for war and hatred against Israel. I trust that Israel is not too afraid to act in this way.

  3. Seth Guterman says:

    The reality is a Marshall Modified Plan has already been successfully implemented in Israel. Palestinians Arabs have lived in Israel proper and Gaza/West Bank and shared a common language, culture & various Islamic Ideologies for hundreds of years until the 1948 War of Independence. 75 years later this is the state of these two Palestinian Arabs groups: Group 1: Palestinian Arabs living in Israel (aka Israeli Arabs)
    Productive Arabs in multiple sectors, No Terrorism, respect for Humanitarian Rights for all ethnic and religious groups & No Genocidal Extremist Islamic Ideology trying to obliterate Israel. Group 2: Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza Strip/West Bank: Unproductive Arabs with high unemployment, Committed to Terrorism against all Civilians, No Respect for Humanitarian Rights & Rampant Genocidal Extremist Islamic Ideology trying to obliterate Israel. A Marshal Like Plan that has been a success story in the State of Israel, this model and with history supports this vision.

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