‘Enough! The people demand victory!’ insists popular Israeli comedian

“We are a nation of lions, but are led by frightened sheep who look first to the United States and The Hague.”

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza
Israeli soldiers battle Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Photo: IDF
Israeli soldiers battle Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Photo: IDF

The current Gaza war, called by many the ‘Simhat Torah War,’ has been going on now for 100 days. And our leaders tell us it will last many more months still. That is enormously frustrating to Israelis who believed the enemy could be quickly crushed, and to an economy that is struggling with so much of its workforce on the front lines.

A close friend who finally got weekend leave after months on the battlefield reminded me that Gaza is deceptively large, and densely populated. Advancing against the enemy is a slow process.

Still, when the enemy is a rag-tag terrorist organization and our forces are the mightiest military in the Middle East, expectations are very high.

Many feel the problem lies at the top, with Israel’s political and military leaders, who seem more swayed by international pressure than by the will of the Israeli people.

That sentiment was poignantly expressed by popular Israeli comedian Guy Hochman in a selfie video clip posted to social media yesterday.

“It’s been 100 days since the holocaust of October 7, and I’m hearing voices calling for an end to the war,” says Hochman. “People think we’ll go home in a few months, but it will only be to prepare for the next massacre.”

Like many Israeli reservists, Hochman, who has been serving in the Spokesperson’s Unit, is upset by the slacking intensity of the war against Hamas, and by the increased focus on diplomatic efforts to determine what happens to Gaza the “day after.”

“Instead of talking about the ‘day after,’ deal with the ‘day before’!” insisted the comedian. “We still haven’t defeated them. A nation of lions, but we are being led by frightened sheep, who are themselves being led around by the United States and The Hague. Enough! You promised to defeat Hamas, so defeat them.”

Hochman stressed that an entire generation of Israelis stands united in demanding victory.

The current leadership, he said, has “a historic opportunity to bring victory, with a powerful military and public support.”

Hochman insisted that if the current political and military leadership doesn’t have what it takes, they should go home, because “a generation of victory is already waiting at the door. A young and hungry generation, a generation that is on the battlefield, not in the television studios [giving unending interviews]. A generation that has battled in Gaza, and is ready to do battle for the future of the state and to replace the generation of defeat. A generation that takes responsibility for our children’s futures, and knows that now is the time to eliminate the enemy in Gaza once and for all, so that the Arab world and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria will be afraid to raise their head [against us].”

For the sake of all future generations, Hochman emphasized that the war cannot end until victory is achieved, until Israel is again a safe haven for the Jewish people.