MembersEsau and Abundance

Esau, for one reason or another, became known as one of the “bad guys” in the Bible.

Photo: Israel Today

His blessing was stolen, and he experienced pain at the betrayal of his mother and brother. One could even say that his father had betrayed him as well. Despite the betrayal and pain he went through, Esau pleads with his father to bless him. Isaac then blesses him with what was left to bless him.

How can we learn abundance from Esau? When Jacob returns to Canaan, which he approached with trepidation knowing well how he had deceived Esau, he did so in a defensive position, and bearing gifts in the hope of placating his brother. Then came the fateful moment.

We expect Esau’s true face to be revealed, the confrontation between the brothers to begin and accounts to be settled. Instead, we see an overjoyed Esau running to greet Jacob, glad at his brother’s return. He embraces and kisses Jacob. He takes note of the abundance...

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