Prophet Elijah and the Eternal Israel. Creative Commons

EXCLUSIVE: The Case for Eternal Israel

Could the School of the Prophets be restored in our day? Will the future of Israel be Jewish?


Israel Today brings you an exclusive interview with Shmuel Trigano, one of the Jewish world’s most profound thinkers, to shed light on these and other existential questions here in Part 2 of the series (see Part 1).

In your new book, The Jewish State: Beyond Normality, you speak a lot about “Eternal Israel” (1 Samuel 15:29). What does it mean for you?

Trigano: “Eternal Israel refers to the “people of Israel” which I distinguish as a form of Jewish collective from the “Israeli nation.” By “eternal Israel, I am naming a symbol of a legitimacy that flows from history. This is an objective reality whether or not one is a believer in God or the Bible. I am differentiating between them because in the “people of Israel” you have Jews from other nationalities, and in the Israeli nation you have non-Jewish citizens. Zionism’s plan, besides, was to normalize the Jews, to dissociate them from this biblical heritage in order to become “like the…