Fiber Optic Cables: Netanyahu and King Solomon in the Information Age

Netanyahu announces the laying of fiber optics and the creation of an international communications corridor with Israel at its center.

By Michael Selutin | | Topics: TECHNOLOGY
Photo by Unsplash

“Today we are reaping more fruit for the historic Abraham Accords. We will connect fiber optics from Asia, Arab countries, from Eilat to Ashkelon and to the rest of the world,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “This move will attract investors and make Israel a global communications hub. It will boost Israel’s economy. Many thanks to Minister of Communications Shlomo Karai for leading this project!”

The Incense Route was one of the most important and well-known trade routes of antiquity. Running from the south of the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean coast, it was part of a network of trade routes between Europe and the East, transporting products such as perfume, silk, spices, gems, paint, rare animals and much more. Today, in the modern and digital world, the products are information, knowledge and technology. “We are in the process of restoring the State of Israel to the navel of the world through which information and bits flow through fiber optic cables that will connect Asia and Europe,” the government said in a statement.

The move, which is the continuation of the Abraham Accords, will result in investment by international companies, establishment of server farms, economic growth, job creation and more. The authorities will allow any telecom company to use the fiber optic cable they lay at a reasonable price, which on the one hand encourages competition among the telecom companies, on the other hand creates an international communications corridor, and which will take Israel’s economy to new heights.

The world’s interconnected fiber optic cables are the backbone of the Internet. They transport the countless data that travel through the cyber world every second. A direct connection to the fiber optic infrastructure is an enormous advantage for large companies and, above all, communication companies, as this increases the transmission speed and data security, among other things.

The route between Eilat and Ashkelon connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, i.e. Asia with North Africa and Europe. Prime Minister Netanyahu is thus following in the footsteps of King Solomon, who also used this route for international trade.


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