Freedom of Speech and the Palestinization of Israeli Arabs

Israel’s dedication to freedom of speech is noble, but it’s also often exploited by more nefarious elements

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It is fortuitous that the name of human rights activist Jafar Farah came up in the context of unauthorized Israeli-Arab protests in Haifa on Sunday evening. It serves as a reminder that far too many of Israel’s “human rights” NGOs support the objectives of the PLO and Hamas, at the very least insofar as these terror groups oppose the “racist” notion of a Jewish state.

Farah, a Christian, was arrested with a broken leg. It is as yet unconfirmed how his leg was broken during the course of the demonstration, but that didn’t stop him and many others from claiming “police brutality” against these innocent protestors whose only crime had been declaring allegiance to Hamas. Freedom of speech is sacred in Israel, which is why the court ordered the immediate release of 19 protestors, Farah among them, who had been arrested for cursing and throwing stones at police during this riot.

While it will make little difference, it is nevertheless good to remember that the same people now crying foul gleefully watched as police beat and harassed right-wing demonstrators. It is time for Israelis, and people around the world, to finally understand that those supporting the Palestinian cause, especially those who hide behind the veil of human rights, are shrewdly exploiting freedom of speech to radicalize the Israeli Arabs and turn them into fanatic Palestinians.

What most Israelis don’t realize is that if they were to ask the average Arab on the street what is the “Nakba” (the Arab defeat in 1948), the most common response would be one of confusion and ignorance. It is only when Israeli Arabs enter our “progressive” universities or become “human rights” activists that most of them learn there was a “nakba” (or catastrophe) inflicted upon them by the evil Zionists.

The truth is that most Israeli Arabs are allergic to the Palestinian cause. But, Israeli democracy, which so sanctifies freedom of speech, has facilitated a minority of instigators who spew hate in their effort to radicalize the Arabs currently living peacefully in Israel. It is our democracy that allows Palestinian nationalism to creep into Israel itself. Consider Member of Knesset Aida Touma-Suleiman of the Joint Arab List, who said after the Haifa riot that Israel, not Hamas, is the true source of terror. In the name of free speech, no punitive action was taken against Suleiman.

Farah, the most recent victim of “the villainous Israelis,” works together with Israeli human rights NGOs to advance the Open Society vision that George Soros and his ilk are financing. It’s no secret that this “Open Society” would mean the cessation of Israel as a Jewish state. It would mean the end of Zionism. It would mean capitulation to the forces of Islam.

These dangerous “Israeli Palestinians,” who harness freedom of speech to advance their nationalistic aspirations, are today backed by post-leftist Jews, many of whom commit the abominable by saying the Kadish prayer for the ascent of the souls of those Palestinians who died while trying to breach the Gaza border fence. These Jews, who are knowingly turning terrorists into saints, would, themselves typically being ultra-secular, never dream of saying Kadish for the ascent of the souls of their own deceased parents.

And yet, this Jewish travesty that encourages the “Palestinization” of Israeli Arabs, along with the Israeli Arab leadership, goes unchecked by a right-wing government that, literally, is willing to pay the ultimate price for the protection of free speech.


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