For the first time in weeks, we experience the freedom of simply walking on the beach

By Dov Eilon | | Topics: Coronavirus
Freedom at the Tel Aviv Port
Photo: Dov Eilon

This past week saw us able to move around the country freely again after weeks of lockdown. Only last night did we finally find the time to move more than the 1,000 meters from our home that was the limit during the latest lockdown. So we decided to head for the old Tel Aviv Port to taste our newfound freedom. Nemal Tel Aviv as it’s known in Hebrew is a popular destination that is today full of restaurants, cafes and shops. All of them are still closed, of course, besides those offering takeaway.

But the lack of shopping or dining options didn’t bother us. The port is located on the Yarkon River, adjacent to the large urban park of the same name. It’s a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll.

Try a virtual walk around the Tel Aviv Port for yourself. The pictures here come from better times, when the only images conjured by the term “Corona” were of Mexican beer.

The drive to Tel Aviv was relatively smooth. The usual traffic jam at the start of the Ayalon Highway was back, but much shorter than usual. That’s because everything is still closed. We reached our destination in just 30 minutes, and there was plenty of parking in downtown Tel Aviv. That’s definitely something I will miss from the Corona era.

We arrived at the port just before dark and there were quite a few people there, most of them jogging, cycling or doing other sporting activities. It seems as though the whole of Israel have become athletes since the Corona crisis began. Doing sport was one of the few excuses Israelis could use to move beyond the 1,000-meter radius around their homes. There are definitely some silver linings to the current situation, one of which is that everyone has become a bit sportier.

Israelis love sports, now even more than before Corona

It was great fun to just walk for a while. You forget the simple pleasures during the business of normal life. Our daughter especially loves this area after having done her military service here at the nearby Sde Dov Airport. That airport, and the Air Force base it hosted, no longer exist, and nature has taken over. That is, until a developer decides to build yet another high-rise apartment complex.

After about two hours we drove back home satisfied. It’s still a strange feeling to go out and not get stopped by police who want to know where we live and why we have ventured so far from home. Let’s hope this lockdown was the last, but I’m not optimistic.

In the evening at the Port of Tel Aviv


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