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Epic cavalry charge opened the way for Jerusalem’s liberation

By Israel Today Staff |
Re-enactment of the Australian Lighthorse charge Photo: Creative Commons

This year marks not only the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification under Jewish rule, but the centenary of the British conquest of the Holy Land, paving the way for Israel’s rebirth.


The liberation of Jerusalem by Allied forces 100 years ago was undoubtedly one of the great moments of history. It should be remembered not only as a military success, but also as a stupendous spiritual victory.


The man in charge, General Edmund Allenby, is said to have carried with him a message from British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who “wanted Jerusalem as a Christmas present for the British nation.” The PM’s War Cabinet was in the meantime working on plans for Jewish restoration to their ancient land, but felt that any public announcement of sympathy towards Zionism should be coupled with a military breakthrough.


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