From Niagara Falls to Israel with Love

Local Evangelical Christian group sends holiday message of love and support to the State of Israel

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: CHRISTIANS
Niagara Falls is lit for Hanukkah
Photo: Courtesy Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls was lit up overnight in honor of the State of Israel on the occasion of the lighting of the eighth candle of Hanukkah. This was a tribute from the city of Niagara in Canada to the State of Israel. Behind this gesture was the Evangelical Christian community led by Tanya Hayek, which operates in Niagara.

Hayek said, “We have decided to once again illuminate Niagara Falls with love for the State of Israel. In a world covered in the darkness of falsehood and deception, we recognize the importance of illuminating the light of truth, standing up for what is right and aligning our hearts with the heart of God for His Chosen People, His Holy Land of Israel and the nations of the world.” She added, “If our light does not reveal, penetrate and expel the darkness, we must doubt the authenticity of our light.”

Every year, this pro-Israel community organizes a large show above the falls, which includes Israeli folk dancing, singing and prayers for the peace of the Jewish state. In the past, the show was held on Israel’s Independence Day and ended with the lighting up of the waterfalls in blue and white colors. This year they decided to celebrate it on the last day of Hanukkah.

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