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By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Flash90

While Israel celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration that committed the world’s greatest power at the time to aiding in Israel’s prophetic rebirth, the Palestinian Arabs mourned the occasion. Seen through the lens of the current Palestinian narrative, the Balfour Declaration was “the greatest political crime in the history of mankind,” according to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Information.

Sudanese journalist Othman Mirgani, a columnist with the Saudi-owned daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, suggested an end to the hand-wringing:

“Instead of [composing] lamentations, there is a need to stop and take stock of ourselves, to examine the situation that we have arrived at over the hundred years since the Balfour Declaration and to seriously investigate the reasons [for it] in the hope of learning from the past. What has Israel achieved and where is it now, and what have the Palestinians and the Arabs achieved with respect to the [Palestinian] issue?

“There are those who will say that Israel is supported by the superpowers, which is true and indisputable. However, the Arabs have also been supported by strong...

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