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God Also Lowered His Expectations

The Almighty set aside His own vision of perfection and reset the rules for a wayward creation


Expectations are quite normal and are part of the way people work together. The more we expect from others, the more inevitable it is that we will be disappointed. High expectations lead to frustration and grief. That is why it is often wiser and more beneficial for your mood and general satisfaction to lower your own expectations. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I know that as a father of four and as editor-in-chief of our editorial team.

In politics, expectations are constantly lowered so as not to indulge in fantasies, but to rather be sober towards the goal. God, too, had to lower His expectations of us, and this fairly early.


“It was very good”

The Bible describes the creation of the world in its first chapters. After six creative days, Chapter One ends with God’s satisfaction. He looked at everything and said: “It is very good.” Then it…