Hamas Confirms It Doesn’t Want Peace, Will Torpedo Trump’s Plan

Everyone still seems to forget that Hamas doesn’t want peace, and that many Palestinians support its agenda

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As elements in Israel and the international community work on a new Middle East peace proposal, they continue to ignore the fact that a sizable portion of the Palestinian population simply isn't interested in a peace that enables Israel to continue existing.

Unfortunately, that part of Palestinian society, even if it is a minority, is large enough to effectively scuttle any efforts to end the conflict.

Case in point, the last Palestinian legislative election was easily won by Hamas, a group that reaffirmed just this week that its primary goal remains the downfall of the Jewish state. And a majority of Palestinian voters chose these guys to lead their government.

At an event in the Gaza Strip, Hamas leaders declared that they remain dedicated to the mission of "liberating the land of Palestine and the holy places of Islam and Christianity."

Hamas further vowed to do everything in its power to torpedo the so-called "deal of the century" being formulated by US President Donald Trump.

PHOTO: A Hamas honor guard in Gaza City. (Wissam Nassar/Flash90)

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