Hamas: We Captured Dolphin Spying for Israel!

Palestinian officials claim finned operative was armed with surveillance camera and deadly dart gun

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Once again, Israel’s Arab enemies have caught the Jewish state red-handed utilizing animals as spies and assassins.

Sources in Gaza reported on Wednesday that Hamas a few weeks ago captured a dolphin that was equipped with advanced surveillance devices.

According to the report, the dolphin was tracked and nabbed by the “naval commando” unit of Hamas’ military forces, the same unit that during last summer’s Gaza war infiltrated southern Israel via the sea only to be wiped out by Israeli soldiers guarding a coastal village.

The Palestinian newspaper Al Quds reported that the Hamas commandoes became wary when they spotted the dolphin making “suspicious movements” just outside the Gaa port.

If their account is to be believed, the dolphin was sent by Israel to film the training of Hamas naval commandoes.   More than that, Palestinian officials claimed the dolphin was also carrying some sort of dart gun that could have wounded or killed member of the Hamas unit.

The dolphin was dragged onto a Gaza beach for “inspection,” but its ultimate fate is unknown.

Over the years there has been no shortage of claims from Arab media that Israel has somehow managed to make the beasts of the wild do its bidding. Most famously, voices from Egypt in 2010 accused Israel’s Mossad spy agency of sending a killer shark to attack tourists in the Sinai Peninsula.

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