MembersHow dangerous is a constitutional crisis for Israel?

Israeli society fears a power struggle between their government and the court. Is there a constitutional crisis?

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Israel truly fears a possible constitutional crisis in the next few weeks, because Israel’s right-wing national government coalition and Israel’s left-wing legal system cannot find common ground, nor can the coalition and the opposition.

And this reflects the divided people. As has often been pointed out, two different worldviews collide in Israel, each with a different vision for Israel’s future as the homeland of the Jewish people.

In Israel, for the first time, all 15 Supreme Court justices are due to meet on September 12 to rule on whether the Reduction of Adequacy Law is compatible with the Basic Law.

The State of Israel has no constitution and is based on a collection of basic laws. What will happen if the Supreme Court in Jerusalem does not recognize the ruling coalition’s new draft law?

This applies in the event that the Supreme Court decides, for the first time ever, to declare a Basic Law invalid. So far, the Supreme Court has not done so and has refused to intervene in the content of constitutions, especially when some judges have...

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2 responses to “How dangerous is a constitutional crisis for Israel?”

  1. hdfuerst says:

    Es kann nicht sein, dass Richter die Geschicke des Landes bestimmen. Richter haben nur das Recht, über Verstöße gegen die Gesetze zu urteilen; und die Gesetze werden von der Regierung erlassen.

  2. Ate Alberda says:

    You see what the left liberals and their demented POTUS Joe Biden are doing to the USA. They are politically ruining the justice system under the umbrella of independency, but in the end a two-tier false justice system corrupts an one-tier justice system and the constitution. Merrick Garland (DOJ) and left justices and the three times deliberately politically indicted Trump and democrat gouvernors are even favouring infanticide in some states and promoting the woke radical LGBTQ idiocy. America is going down in the face of the world.
    According some rumours radical American leftist influencers are stoking people in Tel Aviv in one way or another. Benny Gantz and Ehud Barak, young doctors and IDF pilots, etcetera are playing an irresponsible dangerous game by making upheaval, dividing Israelis neglecting the democratic voted majority…

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