Israel has announced new more restrictive coronavirus measures. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

How Israel Enforces Coronavirus Restrictions

Israel Today speaks to the head of quarantine enforcement for the Ministry of Health


Dr. Ronnie Berkowitz is Director of the Enforcement and Supervision Department of the Israel Ministry of Health.

Israel Today spoke to Dr. Berkowitz about the precise measures Israel is taking to contain the spread of the panic-inducing pandemic.

Dr. Berkowitz deals daily with alcohol, drugs, explosives, and anything that could jeopardize public health, and so was the right choice to be put in charge of enforcing the Health Ministry’s isolation requirements for anyone suspected of contracting coronavirus.


Israel is taking no chances with the spread of coronavirus.

He explained the enforcement regime to Israel Today:

Any person who has been declared as requiring isolation (self-quarantine) fills out a form that is sent to the Ministry of Health.