How Israel Helped the US Kill ISIS Chief Al-Baghdadi

No surprise that Israel played a role in taking out the ISIS leader, but you might be surprised how

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: ISIS
Photo: US Department of Defense

You just knew Israel had to be involved at some level in the recent elimination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by US special forces in Syria.

But Israel’s contribution might not be what most folks expected.

Remember that Delta Force dog made famous for chasing al-Baghdadi down a tunnel before the ISIS chief killed himself with an explosive suicide vest?

The dog’s name is Conan, and he was repeatedly praised and even invited to the White House to receive a medal from President Donald Trump. Conan was injured during the raid by exposed live electric wires in the tunnel through which al-Baghdadi tried to escape.

It turns out that Conan was equipped with, and possibly protected from more serious injury by, a special harness and body armor developed by the Israeli firm T9 Design.

T9 was presenting its wares last week at the 8th International Conference on Unmanned Systems (UVID) near Tel Aviv.

Along with advanced “tactical textile solutions” used by human soldiers, T9 also produces the K9 Ballistic Harness that was worn by Conan and many other service dogs in the US and other foreign militaries.

Netanel, a company spokesman manning the T9 booth at the conference, told Israel Hayom that “our harness has gotten a lot of attention thanks to that Delta Force dog who caught al-Baghdadi.”

He explained that in addition to protecting the dogs from gunshots and stabbing, the harness can also be modified by request to carry a wide array of technology and supplementary equipment.

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