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How Old Is the Messianic Movement of Jewish Yeshua-Believers? (Part 3)

Are today’s Messianic Jews the direct descendants of Yeshua’s first followers, or children of the Gentile Church?


There is a widespread contention that the contemporary Messianic Jewish movement is an offspring of the Gentile Christian churches. This claim is perceived within both mainstream Jewry and the established ecclesiastical circles. Those who retain this position insist that Jewish Christianity – or Christian/Messianic Judaism – is an inherent branch of the Christian denominations, although outwardly dressed with Hebraic/Jewish traditions and features.

Is this really so? What are the factual origins of this movement and how, actually, did it come into existence? A careful examination of the historical developments during the past twenty centuries can help to answer these questions.


Confusion between several “ages”

There should not be arguments about the historicity of the ‘biblical birth’ of the Jewish Yeshua-movement, or Yeshua Judaism, as we may call it. This is openly described in the Four Gospels and the Book of Acts in the New Testament. Clearly this Jewish Yeshua-movement was born about 2,000 years ago in the land of the Jews among the Jewish people.

However, many still confuse between...


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